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The Velosys Remote Control RC1

Smart human, E-bike and Smartphone Inteface

The first E-Bike Remote Control with Mini Display and seamless smartphone integration.

The RC1 is much more than a simple E-Bike controller with status display. Through the integration of a USB A Plug with host functionality we have created an interface between motor system and mobile device. This opens up completely new and exciting use cases.
The high resolution Velosys Speedo is the most simple use case. And still it offers more functionality than most standalone speedos.
The Velosys Heart Control gives a small inside into the future. Your heart controls the machine, a completely new man-machine interaction.

These applications are just the beginning. For the first time manufactures are able to collect all motor & battery related data of their running bikes during the test phase and from the field to improve their products and customer service.

  • compatible to most E-Bike systems
  • Provides smartphone control and vice versa
  • an ergonomic design makes it possible to mount the RC1 on the left or right bar side. A collision with the brake or shifter is excluded.
  • Customized OLED displays and button configuration for OEMs
  • Customized mobile apps for OEMs to meet your needs and the needs of you customers
  • easy charging of smartphones via the USB A plug
  • The RC1 has full support of Android Version 3.1 Honeycomb

Technical details

- Extreme fast ARM CortexM3 processor
-- 120MHz
-- 512kB flash memory
-- 64kB RAM
-- Ethernet MAC
-- 12bit/8ch ADC; 10bit

- High Speed CAN transceiver up to 1Mbps

- IPX5 water resistence

- Input voltage 6V/12V and 1.5W peak consumption

- USB Host interface
-- enables charging of mobile devices with up to 4W
-- enables communication with PCs, Android Smartphones and Windows embedded devices
-- extendable with GPS and Bluetooth dongle
-- easy Software updates including all coupled systems
-- direct data storing on a USB stick

- Monochrome passive Matrix OLED display
-- 0.98" (128x64 pixels)
-- free programmable
-- also amimations possible
-- very high conrast of 20.000:1
-- Brightness of 180cd/m2

-- USB 2.0 device/host/OTG
-- Other Bus Systeme (z.B.: LIN) on demand

- 4 control buttons -- usable in combination
-- allows the control of smartphone apps (e.g. start/stop recording, slide screens)