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Nicolai GmbH
NICOLAI Bikes produces exclusive, custom-made bikes, 100% made in Germany. The brand, founded in 1996, with the distinctive N logo is internationally famous for its cutting edge engineering, proven in World Cup races. NICOLAI products are machined and handmade by approximately 30 skilled employees. The design is incomparable, a unique character. State of the art technology in suspension, transmission and electrical drivetrains make NICOLAI one of the most innovative bike companies in the bicycle industry despite (or maybe because of) an annual production of less than 2000 units.

Mifa AG
The Mifa AG is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in Germany. The company produces a complete assortment of high quality bikes. Scope of Mifa AG are solvent bulk purchasers.

With more than 9000 employees and eight billion euro turnover, EWE is one of the biggest communal companies in Germany. The concern is active in North West Germany, Brandenburg and Rugia as well as in parts of Poland and Turkey. To its costumers EWE offers services in the field of power, gas and telecommunication. The business group owns production capacities in renewable and conventional energies and runs modern and save energy and telecommunication networks. The daughter company BTC is one of the most important IT providers in Germany.

embeddeers GmbH
For more than eight years embeddeers engineers successfully develop embedded soft- and hardware solutions for the automotive, telecommunication and automation industry. We are also engaged in various applications regarding E-mobility and efficient battery management systems. Due to our long lasting expertise in realizing projects we are a strategic partner for embedded systems for suppliers and OEMs in Europe and East Asia. Within our project-specific teams we develop complex and safety relevant software and system solutions.

Located in Berlin, Grace offers innovative and high quality eBikes in the upper price segment, only. In spring of 2013 the latest example for these high standards has been released. The smart eBike for Daimler, a very demanding bike regarding technology and design.

BIBA Uni Bremen
The BIBA – Bremer Institute for production and logistics GmbH divides into the two research areas “intelligent production and logistic systems” (IPS) and “information- and communication technical applications in the production”. Based on extensive basic research, the BIBA applies application oriented research and industrial commissional research. National and international, in the areas production and logistics for important branches like logistic services, automotive, aviation and wind energy.