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Who is Velosys?

The Velosys GmbH develops and distributes electronic and electromechanical components and software in the field of eMobility. Core competence is the integration of mobile devices and eBike systems for displaying all kinds of motor, battery and sensor data. This includes the hardware development, e.g. the controller unit and device mount, as well as the firmware running on the microcontrollers and the software for mobile devices and server. Due to many years of development experience in the bicycle industry the founder of the Velosys GmbH have a deep process and market understanding.
The products of the Velosys GmbH offer added value for the final consumer in terms of services like navigation, entertainment and customer care. On the other hand we make it possible for manufacturers to store and analyse live data, for the first time. To improve existing products and push new developments. We enable a stronger customer relationship, by improving existing services and offering new once. And the products of Velosys GmbH are the basis for new businesses, like the comprehensive introduction of rental stations for eMobility vehicles.