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Velosys Apps


The Speedo is a unique application offered by Velosys. Standard values like speed and distance are just the beginning. We use the full range of sensoria. The clou, our customers do not need an additional device but just use their smartphone.

Heart Controller

Basic training at 45 km/h, this is how the perfect day starts. To make this happen, Velosys breaks new ground in man-machine interaction. You define the desired training area, your heart beat controls the motor. Reach Controller

Reach Controller

As eBike touring biker you want to know how far you get, always and at any time. Velosys offers the Reach Controller, which makes exact reach forecasts by using intelligent algorithms. We consider elevation, ground and riding behaviour and not only the battery status.


Your customers buy an awareness of life with a eBike or pedelec. Promote your products by offering a perfect service. Velosys Diagnostics is your direct connection to the customer.